Various issues can impact how efficient an electric motor runs. That’s why it’s important to have electric motor testing regularly to not only diagnose potential problems but to make sure a motor is running at peak performance. Troubleshooting and testing motor performance saves time, money, and, most importantly, downtime. Check out the following high-tech motor testing methods used by electric motor experts:

  • Core-loss testing - Indicates the difference between the motor’s input and its output
  • Dynamic balancing - Checks for vibration while rotating
  • Megger testing – Checks for insulation performance
  • Surge comparison – Isolates shorts and detects burnout
  • Voltage drop test – Analyzes resistance in high-amperage circuits

Other tests we do at Gatewood Electric include resistance winding, polarization index, and vibration analysis. If you’re having trouble with a motor or just want to make sure it’s working well, we can help! All of our tests come with printed test results that provide you with valuable historical information to refer to should you need repairs or further testing in the future. The technicians at Gatewood Electric will go over the results and answer all your questions.

Our team of technicians at Gatewood Electric also offers electric motor repairs, electric motor rewinding, machine shop services, and field services. Bring your small motors to us, or we’ll come to you to test and repair large motors. We work on motors from a variety of manufacturers across all industries. To learn more about our motor testing and other services, visit us online at External link opens in new tab or window or call us at (817) 645-6722.