It's no secret that the electric motor revolutionized a number of industries, and advances in the technology are constantly being developed. If your motor has begun to demonstrate problems or needs more than simple maintenance, you may be able to use motor winding in Cleburne, TX. Sometimes rewinding is a significantly better option than spending the money for a new motor, but it's a good idea to have a proper assessment and quote.


Rewinding can give you many added years of use out of your existing motor, especially if it's done right and the motor is a good candidate. As a concept, rewinding is fairly straightforward, although the process itself can be quite complex. Most experts rely on the motor rewinding formula. This applies hard numbers, so it avoids guess work and subjectivity. Of course, this requires a careful inspection.

The key component of every electric motor is its stator core. The core itself is fixed, although it has a rotating armature inside. It has two main parts: They include windings of copper wire and iron laminations, which are insulated and stacked. As you can probably guess from the name, rewinding involves redoing and replacing the windings of copper wire.


There are a couple basic considerations that should always be taken into account. The first and most obvious is simply the age of the electric motor. Is it well over ten years old? If you've already gotten 15 or 20 years of use out of your electric motor, it's well past its prime. A newer electric motor will be more energy efficient, and it'll likely have fewer issues with overheating.

Even with professional rewinding from an expert team, outdated equipment is still outdated. Over time, you'll likely spend more money on an inefficient piece of machinery that requires constant repairs than is necessary. Additionally, more efficient motors save you money on power. After a few years, the savings may effectively pay for the new motor.

However, this only applies to older motors. With most motors, rewinding will save you a considerable amount of money when compares to simply replacing the motor outright. This is why rewinding is such a popular option. An electric motor that's in otherwise good condition can last for many years, and it's far cheaper than a full replacement.

Of course, this assumes the work is done correctly. The motor needs to be inspected to ensure that the stator core isn't damaged. Otherwise, complications could result in high thermals and even burnout. This is why you only trust experienced professionals with rewinding.


Ultimately, the decision always comes down to the cost-effectiveness of rewinding versus replacement. This is why the initial inspection and quote is such an integral part of the process. You can't simply make a guess, unless your electric motor is old enough to vote.

Taking your motor to a state-of-the-art rewinding facility will quite likely save you money. If the stator core is in good condition, rewinding should return your motor to proper working order. Once rewound, it could continue performing well for several more years. You don't want to waste your investment and toss out a motor that still has plenty of life left.

Motor winding in Cleburne, TX, is almost always the smart choice. Be sure to have your motor carefully inspected and get a quote before you have any work done. Contact Gatewood Electric at (817) 645-6722 if you have any questions or if you'd like to receive a quote.