Sometimes, a motor repair in Cleburne, TX, is essential if you want to keep moving. It's simply part of the cost of doing business, but ideally you always want it handled quickly and reliably. For motor maintenance and repairs, an accurate alignment is key.


Why is alignment so important? The alignment of a motor's structural and mechanical components directly impacts its longevity and performance. If you want your motor to continue performing adequately and consistently for the remainder of its lifetime, you need the alignment to be as precise as possible. Provided that the parts are aligned correctly, any necessary repairs should be able to be made as they are needed.  As an added bonus, the needed repairs or maintenance should also be more dependable. Misalignment can contribute to a whole host of problems.

As you'd expect from the name, laser alignment uses a laser instrument in order to identify the current alignment or misalignment of the motor's various components. Compared to other tools, the laser grants a far higher degree of accuracy. This enables the motor to be set within its tightest margin of tolerance. Ideally, you should incorporate laser alignment into a scheduled motor maintenance program. It offers a number of perks when compared to older methods.


No one wants to deal with unnecessary and avoidable downtime. An improper alignment of motor components or parts can lead to a greater likelihood of equipment breakdown. Every time your equipment breaks down, it needs to be diagnosed and repaired. This additional downtime can put you behind schedule, cause you to miss deadlines, and basically throws a wrench into your plans. No one wants to deal with such a headache, especially if it can be avoided.

With downtime inevitably comes a loss of productivity. This isn't something a manager or business leader wants to face. Laser alignment could help you avoid this issue. When you use laser alignment, you can prevent seals, belts, bearings, and other crucial parts from enduring higher levels of stress.

Stress during operation is inevitable, but the prevention of increased stress does improve the longevity of your motor and its various components, while simultaneously reducing fatigue, deterioration, and component failure. The combination of these factors will ultimately break down your equipment. For optimal performance, laser alignment is always the way to go.


Time is always of the essence. Dial gauges and straight-edge methods demand more time to set up the equipment, and they're not as accurate as a laser alignment. This wastes time unnecessarily, and it offers no obvious benefit to compensate for the wasted time or increased possibility of errors. As a tool, laser alignment also delivers direct report generation, which offers you faster delivery, interpretation, and analysis. This saves you even more time, and it grants the obvious bonus of improved accuracy on a shorter time frame.


You never measure just once. Measurements are always conducted multiple times to provide confirmation. This is especially helpful if used as part of a maintenance program. Thanks to the speed of its setup time and how easy it is to use, a laser alignment is a process that can be repeated quickly and easily. This enables you to use laser alignment regularly and repeatedly as part of your preventative maintenance program. After all, every business should have a reliable and time-saving maintenance program in place if at all possible. Using laser alignment makes it relatively easy and quite dependable.

Motor repair in Cleburne, TX, doesn't have to be made needlessly difficult. Speak with Gatewood Electric at (817) 645-6722 to learn more about the benefits of laser alignment and preventative maintenance programs.