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Electric Motor Rewinding


Along with electric motor repair, we also specialize in rewinding various types of motors as well. From low voltage to high voltage, we can do it all! We ensure quality satisfaction at the lowest cost available, including 3-PH motors, specialty motors,

1-PH motors, and D.C. motors.


Electric Motor Repairs


Repairing your motors and generators can be more economical than replacing them. We will find the most cost-effective option for you and offer a warranty on all repairs.


We can handle all repairs, including 3PH motors, 1-PH motors, D.C. motors, fork lift motors, gear boxes, controls, hoist, magnetic starters, vacuum pumps, water pumps, air compressors, dry transformers and generators.


Consultation Services


If you are unsure about something, our professionals would love to help you in any way possible. We can offer honest and credible advice for control design,

motor efficiency and power-factor analysis, winding redesign and repair,

and replacement cost analysis.

Special Testing Services


We offer extensive testing using modern, high-tech instrumentation to make sure that your motor will work properly and exceed any performance expectations.


Some of our services include core-loss testing, dynamic balancing, surge comparison tests, 15Kv D.C. hi-pot, 1000v Megger, low resistance winding test, high frequency armature testing, polarization index, vibration analysis, 575 Volt--3 PH and D.C. Also, we can give you a print out of all test results for your own convenience.


Machine Shop Services


We offer many mechanical and machine shop repairs. Some of the most common repairs include frame repairs, end-bell repairs, core repair, core restacking,

dynamic balancing, metalizing, shaft rebuilding, milling machine, impeller repair,

and shaft alignment.


Field Services


We can easily perform analytical and repair services out in the field too. We perform many services on-site including laser alignment, dynamic balancing, motor testing, control repairs, motor installation, and generator repair.

Quality service since 1948


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