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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering your important FAQs

Q: I have a pool pump motor that is making a loud squealing noise.

What should I do?


A: Most likely the pump seal has gone out allowing water to leak past the pump and penetrate into the bearing causing the grease and oil to be flushed out, thus causing the bearing to fail and get noisy. Bring the pump and motor into Gatewood Electric for an evaluation and repair or replacement.


Q: I have a fan motor on my outside air conditioning unit that is not running. What should I do?


A: If you feel comfortable turning off the electricity at the unit AND the breaker, then take the motor and capacitor off and bring them in to Gatewood Electric for testing. These motors are not worth repairing, however, we have the largest stock of new motors and capacitors between DFW and Waco, so we should have what you need

on the shelf. If we do not have what you need, we can have it shipped in within a day or two at minimal extra cost.


Q: Do you sell contactors?


A: Yes. We have all of the most common sizes used in residential and commercial

air-conditioning units. We need to see the old contractor if the nameplate information is not readable.


Q: I think my capacitor is in bad shape. Can you test it?


A: Yes we can. It is free to test!


Q: I know my capacitor is bad. What do I need to see if you have a replacement?


A: We need to know the MFD or uF rating and the VAC rating. Many capacitors have two MFD ratings such as 55+5-440 VAC. This is what we call a “dual” rated capacitor since it is actually two capacitors inside one container. We stock 2MFD – 370 VAC through 100MFD – 440VAC.


Q: Are you open on Saturdays?


A: Yes. We are open on Saturdays starting the first weekend in May until the last weekend in September. Those hours are 9:00am until 12:00 noon. We are also available after hours by calling 817-999-9165. There will be an additional charge

for calling someone in, however.

Don't see one of your questions answered here? We are available Monday - Friday and Saturdays from

May-September to

help you.


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